Types of Shows

Stage Shows

WOW! This show is loaded with a variety of technical juggling, and audience participation bits that will make your jaw drop. It is a performance that always leaves audiences with huge smiles and heads shaking in amazement and disbelief. Shows can range from a highly technical and comical 5 minute cabaret act to 30-45 minutes of unbelievable props and antics. Geoff is
a juggling performer unlike any other and is a sure bet not to disappoint.

Strolling Presentations

This strolling juggler will move the entertainment throughout your event. Geoff's incorporation of technical juggling skill with comedic showmanship really delights audiences in a very personal way. In fact, Geoff will juggle his way to so many different areas with so many different audiences, you will swear you hired three juggling performers.

Geoff's strolling presentations are often a great alternative to a stage show. Packages can be customized to fit your time frame and budget.

School Assemblies Performances

These assembly programs are loaded with entertainment and educational value. It's one thing to see someone juggle 1-7 objects flawlessly. That's great entertainment! But then, learning about the step-by-step agony, frustration and countless failures one must endure to reach that level of success, is a real education in determination and perseverance.

Geoff Bach's message: encouraging children to pursue a goal or dream and then to expect to work through the obstacles necessary to reach that goal is something kids want to hear. It can build self-esteem in a very entertaining way. And since juggling fascinates people of all ages, this presentation is terrific for kids of all ages.

Corporate Shows

• Convention or boardroom keynote speaker entertainment. Send Geoff the information; he will customize your company message in the most entertaining way.

• Trade Show Performances are a great way to call more attention to your product or booth. In some cases, Geoff may be able to juggle the actual product. Geoff Performed in a safety harness to demonstrate the full range of motion workers can enjoy while wearing the harness at the "world of concrete" convention in Las Vegas.

• Boardroom workshops - Geoff can teach your group to juggle! In a boardroom setting, Geoff can teach most people to juggle in under 5 minutes! Your employees will learn to overcome the idea that seemingly impossible tasks and unattainable goals can be achieved if pursued in the proper order.

• Entertains your employees - family picnics, children's workshops, and entertainment
at your gala.

• Dazzle your customers - introduce a new product - spice up a major presentation.


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